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About Lighted Magnifying Glass

Detailed work of any kind can cause immense strain on a person's eyes, especially as he or she gets older. A lighted magnifying glass makes things much easier on the eyes. These glasses, which come in magnifications ranging from 10x percent magnification to 60x magnification or more, are often handheld items that users place above or near the page or other item they are trying to read. The magnification helps reduce eyestrain, and the light makes it possible to use this glass in darkened or low-lighting situations. Other options for a lighted magnifying glass include a desktop lighted magnifying glass, which allows users to keep their hand free, and a jeweler's lighted magnifying glass, which the user wears on his or her head in place of glasses, also allowing for hands-free use. The glass size varies on these glasses from being about the size of an eyeglass lens to the size of a standard book page. Special cleaning solution and wipes are ideal to use when caring for these items, and reliable sellers on eBay offer these and the magnifying glasses themselves.