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Add the glow of light up shoes to your step for a flashy new stride. Available for both children and adults, browse a large inventory of men’s & women’s shoes for your choice of color and style.

About Light Up Shoes

They provide her with a glint, a sparkle, and a flash every time she kicks her shoes, every time she?s out to play, and every time she?s off to school. Light-up shoes are a rollercoaster trend, coming back into fashion whenever vivid colors and bright designs become popular. With flashing LED lights lining the entire upper of the shoe or sometimes merely embedded in the sole, light-up shoes offer young children a means of expression and fun that is also durable and meant to last through the wear and rough play they?re sure to enact on their little feet. Reliable sellers on eBay offer many sizes and styles of kids? light-up shoes, all with different patterns and angles of appeal to suit your child?s tastes in exciting footwear. For those looking to augment an existing pair of kicks, you need search no further than a multitude of colorful light-up shoe laces, as they?ll deliver a neon, glow-in-the-dark flair to any pair of unassuming shoes. As a harmless flourish of style for boys and girls alike, adding a pair of light-up shoes or shoestrings to your child?s closet is a practical (and more importantly, fun) style option.