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About Light Switches

As if it were magic, you can now add a light switch where you did not have one before. In the past, adding a switch in a new spot meant calling in an electrician and having him run quite a bit of wiring. Everything needed to be up to code, and it would probably cost you a pretty penny. With a wireless light switch, you can simply plug in your lamp or other electric device to a wireless adapter that plugs into your outlet. Hang the wireless switch that corresponds, and you can control that lamp across the room. If your needs are a little more cosmetic, possibly a simple decorative light switch plate is all you need. Regardless, the variety you can find on eBay lets you adapt as much or as little of your electrical system as you want to. Your light switch is something you do not often think about, but when it is time for a change, you want all of the pieces that will make the job easier.