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About Light Meter

Jordan always had an eye for photography, but despite a natural talent for careful framing and an eye for detail, his early pictures never came out quite the way he imagined them. A light meter solved his problems. He enjoyed working on a vintage SLR camera, which did not have a built-in light meter; therefore, what often looked good in the view finder came out dark, overexposed, or blurry. The meter fixed the problem, letting Jordan focus on developing his photography skills. Jordan is not alone; many photographers find these devices useful. Although many modern cameras have built-in light meters, older ones often do not. The devices are also useful for other reasons; an analogue or digital light meter can help gage lighting in specific places, help manage contrast from shadows and light sources, and improve the overall exposure of a photo much better than a camera light meter can. Sellers on eBay offer an excellent selection of these products. Choose from brand names such as Minolta and Lux light meters, and have your selections shipped conveniently.