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About Light Bulbs

There are so many different light bulb options out there, some people feel like they are completely in the dark. It is time to shed some light on the choices. If you need to replace a bulb, look for one that is exactly like the old bulb to ensure it properly fits the light fixture. Whether you are looking for some replacement 100 watt light bulbs in clear or soft white or you need something with a lower wattage, eBay is the place to start your search. You can choose from small packages of light bulbs that contain just one or two, or stock up and purchase a bundle that contains 48 bulbs or more. Sellers offer major brands like GE, Buyer's Choice, Sylvania, and Feit Electric. If you are on the prowl for long-lasting LED light bulbs, you can find E27 bulbs, 12V bulbs, GU10 bulbs, and an assortment of other energy-saving solutions for your home or office. Forget confusing trips to the hardware store. eBay ships your new light bulbs directly to you.