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About Life Jackets

When you see the sun shining, it is time to get ready to hop into the water and have some fun boating or riding a jet ski. When you choose to have fun out in the ocean, you want to make sure that you are wearing a life jacket or have one stored on your boat. An adult life jacket comes in different sizes typically ranging from large to double-extra-large. You can also find some in medium and small if you need them. The life jackets come in different colors and each has reflective strips on the straps for easy detection when out floating in the water. The clips are durable and tighten to securely strap you into the vest. A kids' life jacket comes in fun colors for kids to choose from and fits kids from different weight ranges. Choosing the right one for your child is important. The life jackets have between two and three straps to fit snuggly against the child's body. There are many reliable sellers on eBay who sell life jackets for both adults and kids. Browse through the many different choices today.