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About Life Is Good

Bad news on TV, bad news on the Internet, bad news in the newspapers. Sometimes, it’s hard to remember that Life Is Good. It seems a simple statement, but it was a genius and effective reminder from the Jacobs brothers who made their own way. The iconic Jake with his huge grin, little hat, and sunglasses was a simple drawing that got ignored at first. Yet something about his simplicity and apparent joy struck a chord with folks when the design caught fire in the mid-1990s. Soon, a new Life Is Good sweatshirt or hat become as common as a T-shirt in closets across the country. It was the kind of fad that you could feel, well, good about. This is especially true now, as the brand is known for its philanthropy and general mission of spreading optimism. In addition to Jake, you can find designs on eBay that give you the warm fuzzies, like an old van loaded with surf boards or a pitcher of homemade lemonade. And who can resist the adorable innocence of the Life Is Good dog? They all make the world feel like a day at the park.