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About Life Application Study Bibles

You have read the Bible cover to cover, and you want to accept God's words into your heart and follow his teachings; but what you have read is obtuse and difficult to comprehend. What you need is a Life Application Study Bible. These Bibles include thousands of notes and explanatory texts, designed to help readers apply God's truth in everyday life. Armed with a NIV Life Application Study Bible, you can discover the true messages behind each story, find out more about the most important figures, and learn where all the main events took place. Difficult concepts are explained, and comprehensive indexes and cross-references mean you will never be left wondering what God's words mean. You can buy a Life Application Study Bible from many of the reliable sellers on eBay, in new or used condition. Whether you choose a New International Version, or a King James Version, with a Life Application Study Bible large print edition by your side, the comforting words you need are never too small to read, or too hard to understand.