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About Liberty Silver Dollars

Slowly, but purposefully, a boat chugs from the depths of its transatlantic journey toward the Statue of Liberty's elegant frame. Thanks to her relationship with freedom itself, this symbolic statue adorned the Liberty silver dollar across multiple decades. As you hold a 1922 Liberty silver dollar in your hand, you know you are holding a coin that symbolizes a period of peace that followed one of history's greatest wars. Jump forward a few decades to the 1987 Liberty silver dollar, and you have the chance to get your hands on an uncirculated beauty that shows the statue in all its glory. Exploring the world of the Liberty silver dollar is a great way to investigate history itself. Each year comes with a unique story and, thanks to the diverse range of sellers on eBay, you have a strong chance of getting your hands on one from each year of circulation. Once you start to build your collection, you are well on your way to commemorating history with a beautiful sense of style.