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About Liberty Coins

In 1996, a man paid over a million dollars for a 1913 Liberty nickel, making it the first coin to break the one million mark. Over the centuries, the United States made many types of Liberty coins, which prominently feature the symbolic Lady Liberty in a variety of poses. While not all of these coins are worth more than a million dollars, many of them are collector's favorites. A Liberty gold coin featuring the iconic "Walking Liberty" design from the early 20th century is highly collectible because of its value and design. Even more modern coins like the commemorative 1986 Liberty coin that featured the Statue of Liberty are popular among numismatists. There is an enormous selection of Liberty coins on eBay in all shapes and sizes. Reliable sellers list these coins in circulated or uncirculated condition along with any proof of the coin's grade and U.S. Mint certificate if possible. Keep a lookout for these popular coins that celebrate the concept of freedom to the United States of America.