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About Lian Li

Shop the extensive inventory of computer components and parts including computer cases and accessories!

If you have ever assembled your own PC, you know how important it is to select parts that allow you to upgrade your computer further on down the line. Leaving room for upgrades is where Lian Li computer cases excel. These black, monolithic boxes may not have the fancy decorations of some other computer case towers but they are spacious enough to house any custom parts, or future upgrades, you want in your PC. For example, the Lian Li HTPC case supports multiple hard drives, solid state drives and optical drives in varying sizes ensuring that you never lack for options. If you just want to build a mini home theater PC, the Lian Li Micro ATX is the right choice. Despite its size, it does not sacrifice ports or support for peripherals. Whether you are building a gaming rig, a workstation or a media hub, you can find the right Lian Li tower from the wide selection of the brand's computer cases available on eBay.