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About LG Rumor 2

Do you miss actually pressing buttons on your cellular device? Perhaps you want a cheaper alternative that does not require a screen protector, in any case if you are looking for a cheap qwerty-keyboard cell phone than the LG Rumor 2 is just for you. The LG Rumor was introduced in 2007 adding to the craze of quick high-school texters, the Rumor 2 followed soon after, being released in 2009. The phone feature three different color variations to match all basic styling needs and came with basic features. The phone still continues to offer a variety of different accessories, such as a LG Rumor 2 case, which is available in all sorts of different designs and styles. Since the phone is a bit older the LG Rumor 2 battery tends to die, even so finding a replacement is cheap and easy, as the battery is common and used in many other low-end cell phone models. The age of this phone makes finding one in solid condition a difficult task. Fortunately, the reliable sellers on eBay offer large inventories of used phones as well as new or used parts to make purchasing these products a breeze. If looking for a cost effective work phone look no more, the LG Rumor 2 provide the essentials of a cell phone with a few perks and is able to be used with most of America's telephone networks.

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