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About LG Optimus 2X

Even though you could get something else, you have decided to buy the phone a second time and call it LG Optimus Twice. It was a sad night when your old LG Optimus 2X was trampled to death during a concert but the thought of getting a new one is helping. The 2X packs a dual-core processor, the first smartphone to do so, and hence the name, and included a GeForce graphics processing unit. Therefore, it is a fast and powerful Android smartphone. It also has an 8 MP auto-focus camera equipped with LED flash and capable of shooting 1080p videos. Yes, you were taking great pictures with this camera just before your dear 2X was knocked out of your hands. For this new one, you should get an LG Optimus 2X hard case to protect it from excited crowds. Choose an unlocked LG Optimus 2X if you would rather not sign a second contract with your carrier for the same phone. Fortunately, you can find the replacement you need from the large inventory of LG Optimus 2X and its accessories available on eBay.