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About 42" LG

Hey, is that man in the audience wearing Google Glasses? If you can pick this kind of detail out from one of your televised football games, you must be using a high-end television, like one of the many LG 42" models available. While there are many brands to choose from, and many models within that brand, LG is a company you know you can trust. Being seen as a tier one company in the television industry, LG makes plasma, LCD, and LED TVs in a plethora of sizes. You can choose an LG 42" LCD TV that is quite affordable, or, if you want a great refresh rate, check out one of their plasma models. If contrast ratio is what you are after, check out an LG 42" LED TV that boasts a virtually infinite contrast ratio due to the ability to produce absolute black. You can find all of these models on eBay, offered from many reliable sellers. If you need detail and superb image quality, an LG 42" television should be on your "to buy" list.