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About LG 3D TV

When it comes to 3D movies, you become immersed in the film and its characters, colors, and action. Going to the theater is expensive and sometimes inconvenient, but you can create your own 3D setup with an LG 3D TV in your home. Along with LG's outstanding picture quality, its 3D effects transform your home into a cathedral of light and sound, especially on the 55-inch LG 3D TV. You only need to start the film and put on your 3D glasses. The LG Cinema 3D TV performs this task very well and even converts 2D media into 3D media so you do not have to purchase special 3D films. Many models double as smart TVs with built-in Wi-Fi access and CPUs that allow you to access your favorite content on the Internet. Get rid of all your remotes in favor of an LG 3D TV remote that makes controlling your setup easy with motion and voice recognition and a scroll wheel. To enhance your viewing pleasure, browse eBay for a huge selection of LG 3D TVs.