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About Lexus SC300

When Toyota branched into premium luxury cars in 1989 and called it Lexus, it wasn't much of a gamble that the line would do well. The Lexus SC-300, for example, clocks in at 225 horsepower, with a 3.0-liter 182 ci cast-iron inline-6 motor with aluminum heads. The brand remains at the top of car rankings, being in the top five list of most reliable cars according to Consumer Brands and other surveys throughout the years. If you're a proud Lexus owner, eBay is just as reliable as your car in supplying the parts you need, like a replacement pair of SC300 headlights. You don?t need to recall the painful incident that led to the loss or damage. Just think of it as an opportunity to update or dress up your Lexus SC300 anew. And SC300 tail lights are not far behind, pun intended. The reliable sellers on eBay have everything you need to get back on the road in style.