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About Lexmark 36

You are driving home from a particularly busy day at the office, when your cell phone rings; it is your wife, and she wants you to pick up a new ink cartridge for the second time this week. If you feel like you are going through ink cartridges like popcorn for your Lexmark printer you may want to consider purchasing one of the jumbo black cartridges like the Lexmark ink 36 cartridge. The Lexmark ink 36 cartridge is compatible with Lexmark Inkjet printers like the Z2420, and varying all-in-one printers like the X3650, X4650, X5650, X6650, and X6675. If you are tired of the inconvenience, not to mention the price, of having to constantly change printer cartridges, the large Lexmark 36XL ink cartridge is sure to brighten your day. You can find a Lexmark 36 printer cartridge on eBay, available from one of many reliable sellers. If a large ink cartridge that delivers deep, dark blacks for all your printing needs sounds like something you might need, this cartridge from Lexmark is the way to go.