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About Lexicon

It takes talent and hard work to become a successful musician, but even famous musicians and bands like Pearl Jam and Lauryn Hill have something in common: a knowledgeable audio crew and professional equipment. While you can't "buy" a good crew, you can purchase high-quality audio equipment, like that of Lexicon. You don't have to be an industry professional to purchase the equipment, as eBay's reliable sellers carry a wide range of new and used Lexicon products. This award-winning company has a wide variety of audio equipment that adds that missing touch to your tunes. The Lexicon MX200 is a dual processor, which adds rich reverbs to your live performances, plus other special audio effects that make your sound truly unique. For those with limited space, the Omega is ideal for recording, as it is a compact desktop recording device that gives you what you need in a single package. It's a complete system that does not need any add-ons to work, so you know this one-time investment goes a long way. For your next performance or recording session, pick up one these recording devices and you may just be on your way to your first Grammy.