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About Levi's Commuter

When you cycle to work every day, you do not necessarily want to show up in a pair of clingy spandex shorts and a fluorescent jacket no matter how casual the dress code. Levi's Commuter is a range of clothing featuring designs created by cyclists for cyclists. Made from high-performance materials, the garments have advanced utility features that make it a pleasure to ride. The Commuter packable shell is water repellent and has a cool reflective design for added visibility. It folds into a small pocket that is easy to store when there are clear skies. Levi's Commuter jeans are perfect if you are an urban cyclist. Made from 98 percent cotton and 2 percent elastane, the fabric stretches for excellent mobility while you are in the saddle. These Levi's 511 Commuter jeans have a slim fit, which means they also look great when you are off your bike. They have a dirt-repellent and water-resistant NanoSphere protective finish, so they repel road dust and puddle splashes. If your office environment is more formal, there are Commuter trousers in neutral shades that offer the same comfort and protection as jeans. When you want clothing that allows you to cycle, work, and play, check out the Levi's Commuter range on eBay.