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About Levis Big E

Vintage jeans are a hot item among die-hard fashionistas, and Levi's Big E jeans are sought-after pieces by collectors. "Big E" refers to the capital letter "E" on the jeans' red tag. The uppercase letter indicates that the jeans were made previous to 1971, before the company changed to the lowercase letter. Wearing vintage Levi's Big E jeans is all about creating a unique style, but also allows you to own a piece of American history. Wear these jeans for everyday wear so you can stay comfy, or take them out on special occasions when you know people are looking at what you wear. Want a pair of hard-to-find Levi's Big E Redline jeans or 517 jeans? With so many reliable sellers and authentic items listed at any given time, you're sure to find them on eBay. Your dream of owning a real pair of original Levi's doesn't have to stay unfulfilled. Soon, you too can show off your very own pair of vintage jeans.