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About Levis 505 Shorts

You are thinking of going out for a casual outdoor event with your friends but cannot quite find something to wear. If this is your predicament, consider getting Levis 505 shorts on eBay. The Levis 505 shorts size 32 are designed using 100 percent cotton material which is why they feel comfortable in both warm and cold weather conditions. With a zip and a button right above, these shorts fit firmly and are quite easy to slip on or take off after a long day. It is worth noting that the men's Levis 505 shorts size 32 can be machine washed and this means you will have them looking clean and new without much effort. These shorts are available in various colors including blue, black, brown and grey. Levis 505 shorts are available in new condition and come from reliable sellers. The shorts attract convenient shipping options when you place your order.