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About Letterman Jackets

Captain of the football team, state-title winning basketball player, or benchwarmer proud to have made the team at all, the high school letterman jacket is an emblem of accomplishment with its own distinct sense of style. Proudly wearing your school colors and displaying that coveted varsity letter is more than just sporting a teenage status symbol. For many people, their letterman jacket is a lifelong reminder of those golden adolescent years. Although the work of earning that coveted letter used to be limited to jocks, today, high schoolers can letter in nearly any extracurricular activity, making the demand for the perfect jacket even greater. Even without the letter itself, the jacket style is instantly recognizable as a costume prop, for example. Shopping on eBay is a great way to find that perfect forest green letterman jacket that matches the school mascot or the black and gold stunner that stands out from the crowd. With or without the varsity symbol and the associated fame, a flashy red or royal blue letterman jacket is a stylish addition to any wardrobe. It shows personal pride, exudes athleticism, and oozes school spirit.

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