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About Les Paul Pickguard

Get ready to rock and show off your unique stage look with a new Les Paul pickguard for your guitar. Also known as a scratchguard or scratchplate, a pickguard protects your guitar?s finish while you are thrashing out heavy metal riffs or screeching guitar solos. Genuine Epiphone Les Paul pickguards come in colors to complement their range of sleek colors, but custom pickguards allow you to let your rock identity run riot. A custom hand-sculpted pewter skull set from eBay contains everything you need to make your guitar stand out, including pickguard, humbucker pickup rings, and switch rings. For your little rock star, Les Paul Junior pickguards come in a range of factory standard and custom colors such as red starburst, and a deluxe wood finish option is available if your little virtuoso is more Travis Tritt than Eddie Van Halen. Three-ply variants provide more protection than thinner varieties; however, everyone knows that a true rock star cares more about looks than anything else, so install custom accessories such as a Les Paul pickguard that will let your inner rock god show through.