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About Les Miserables

A hunted convict, Jean Valjean stares at the priest in disbelief as the holy man hands him a pair of silver candlesticks, giving him another chance to rebuild his life. And so the plot of "Les Miserables" is set in motion. The "Les Miserables" book is a work of historical fiction by French author Victor Hugo, but it has seen many adaptations, both to a play and multiple films. Set in France, this famous plot involves strong themes of redemption, as well as a depiction of France's moral philosophy of the time. If the music is what you are after, pick up one of the CDs, or if you want to catch the movie, buy a "Les Miserables" DVD. Look for the 1998 adaptation starring Liam Neeson and Gregory Rush, which contains no musical numbers, or go for the 2012 musical version featuring Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, and Anne Hathaway. Pick up any one of these great "Les Miserables" items on eBay, where many reliable sellers contribute to the huge selection available on the site, and start learning about this intriguing and touching French story.

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