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About Les Mills

Fitness training can be draining, frustrating, boring, or all of the above. With Les Mills, you can find the perfect workout, focus on short- and long-term goals, and get results. Add variety and motivation to your workouts with the large selection of Les Mills DVDs available in the vast inventory on eBay. There are 14 exercise fitness programs providing a flexible, at-home, exercise-to-music workout. You can choose from the Les Mills Combat series that is complete with DVDs, CDs, and instructional pamphlets. Add the 60-day calendar, nutrition guide, tape measure, and measure tracker to help establish reachable goals and work toward them. You can track your progress and your physical transformation successes. There is even workout apparel by Les Mills to provide an even more enjoyable training experience. Les Mills International has been providing exciting workout plans since 1968 and proclaims one mission: a fitter, healthier planet for all. Focus-based workouts concentrating on core, abs, cardio, and strengthening give you the options to vary your workouts or individualize your routine for maximum benefit with minimal boredom.