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About Lens Caps

Protect your investment and your ability to take flawless and focused photographs by investing in a quality lens cap. No matter the brand?Nikon, Canon, Sony, Pentax?and no matter the size in millimeters, there is a cap to fit every lens perfectly. A well-fitted lens cap is essential to properly defend your sensitive and delicate camera lens from not only atmospheric dust and the errant finger smudge, but more serious damage like scratches, fractures, and cracks. Search eBay for a new or previously owned lens cap for both your front and rear lenses. The two lenses together are typically designed to fit together once removed, so they don't gather and transfer dust and debris when placed back over the lenses. Usually made from durable plastics and polymers, a quality lens cap may even protect the most sensitive and delicate part of your camera if it is dropped. With your lens protected, you are free to take sharp, crystal clear photographs. It's picture perfect.