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About Lenox Plates

More than just a place to put food, Lenox plates are exquisitely crafted works of art that lend class and civility to family dinners, Sunday brunch, or afternoon tea. Explore the expansive selection of Lenox dinnerware, servingware, and collectible plates offered by reliable sellers on eBay. Thanksgiving dinner and birthday celebrations will pop just a bit more with a Lenox plate set on the table. Choose place settings adorned in stunning patterns such as "Butterfly Meadow," "Floral Fusion," and "Pearl Innocence." Fill your curio cabinet or design a lovely wall space for your set of collectible Lenox Boehm plates. Choose charming new and vintage bird plates such as "The Meadowlark," "Wood Thrush," and "American Restart," or plates featuring soothing wildlife images such as 1975's "Cottontail Rabbits," 1974's "Red Foxes," or the captivating "Whitetail Deer," circa 1978. For dinner parties, home decor, or thoughtful gifts, Lenox plates offer something for everyone for every occasion.