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About Lemax Spooky Town

You can spend hours looking at the intricate details that miniature villages usually feature and still not see everything there is to see, which is just one reason why the Lemax Spooky Town village is fun to have around. Whether you put it up for Halloween or keep it up year round, you can peer into the windows of the haunted houses every day and still miss a ghost or two. The Lemax name is synonymous with collectible villages such as Spooky Town, which looks just like your typical town, only a little more ghoulish with witches, skeletons, and monsters everywhere. New buildings and accessories are released each year. Made from porcelain, many of the buildings, such as the Scary Go Round, Haunted Windmill, and Withered Mansion, light up and make ghastly sounds. Once you get your Lemax Spooky Town village set up, you can add the battery-operated Spooky Town Express train and track, which also makes noises, and accessories such as signs, figurines, trees, and other landscaping to complete your village. With the vast inventory on eBay, you can have your village together in no time.