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About Leica R

After feeling overwhelmed by the latest flashy digital cameras, you decide that film photography is the way to go. If traditional 35mm film is your style, pick up an older camera from the Leica R series. This series boasts numerous film SLR cameras, and even a digital version of the Leica R9 if you want a gentle introduction to digital photography. The Leica R series is comprised of many models, ranging from R3 to R9, as well as numerous non-R designated editions, such as the Leicaflex and the Leicaflex SL, both of which use the Leica R bayonet mount. If you have a craving for nostalgic bliss that digital photography simply cannot satisfy, pick up a Leica R camera from the many reliable sellers on eBay and begin to experience the joys of film photography. With fully manual controls, interchangeable lenses, and the dependable Leica brand name, you can explore the new creative and technical opportunities that one of these cameras brings you.