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About Leica M3

Flipping through photos is a fun trip down memory lane, reminding you of the vacations, parties, and celebrations that define your life. Although digital cameras make it easy to capture and preserve these moments, vintage film cameras, like the Leica M3, produce images with distinctive moods. Sold from 1954 to 1966, the M3 is the most successful model of the M series. It combines the viewfinder and range finder in one ultra-bright window and uses Leica's bayonet lens mount instead of traditional screw mounts, so you quickly change lenses without missing much of the action. When you want to find a vintage camera, like the Leica M3, you can find it on eBay where the large inventory includes a selection of cameras, accessories, and lenses to help you capture the moments of your life. If you like the classic look of the Leica's black case and silver trim but want the conveniences of modern technology, you can modify the camera to create your own custom digital camera. Your memory is unreliable, but photographs always tell the truth. A vintage camera ensures that you have one more way to record all that happens.

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