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About Leica

While digital photography is certainly a very useful and innovative invention, nothing compares to kicking it old school and pulling out the vintage Leica camera. Leica is a top-notch German company that manufactures cameras, microscopes, and geo-survey equipment. Based on this knowledge alone, one could rightly conclude that Leica knows glass and how to make it display images beautifully and accurately. As well as making nice camera bodies, Leica is also world-renowned for its lenses, including its M, R, and S series. Whether you want a model from the rangefinder series, like the Leica M9 or the Leica M3, or prefer one of its R series DSLRs, you can find what you need on eBay from many reliable sellers. If you are looking to experience the joys of film photography, Leica is the perfect company for you. Learn about photography how it was originally intended and delve into the world of film.