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Girls just wanna have fun — and wear a great pair of jeans while doing it. l.e.i. jeans are designed with this in mind and come in girls' and juniors' sizes 8 to 17, making it easy to keep a young woman's wardrobe stocked with staples that capture the youthful essence of grabbing onto life with energy and intelligence.

About Lei Jeans

At the height of youth and bursting with ideas and creativity, preteen and teenage girls need clothing that fits their tastes and lets them showcase their unique and still-developing style. l.e.i. jeans provide all that and more. Short for "life, energy, intelligence," l.e.i offers styles designed to fit all sorts of girls' lives and all sorts of parents' budgets. Catering to a narrow market, l.e.i. girls' jeans only come in sizes 8 and above, and l.e.i. juniors' jeans only cover common sizes up to size 17, merely dipping into the plus-size jeans market. The company's focus on simple and girlish designs results in skinny, low-rise, and flare-leg styles with girly names such as l.e.i Ashley jeans, matching the trends and personalities of young girls. l.e.i. also offers other clothing and accessories in the latest styles, cuts, and colors, so outfitting a young woman in on-trend yet affordable style is a cinch with the help of the sellers on eBay. In addition to new styles and patterns, used jeans for growing girls are also plentiful.