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About LEGO Samurais

Having already conquered the realms of castles, robots, and outer space, the venerable LEGO brand set its sights on taking over the small screen with its computer-animated series based on the LEGO Ninjago samurai collection. Starring LEGO samurai and ninja figures alike, the show follows the adventures of a small group of heroes battling against the evil forces of the Serpentine. As new episodes of the show continue to extend the LEGO samurai mythos, the toy line continues to grow as well. Accessories ranging from armor and helmets to the impressive LEGO Ninjago samurai mech increase the options for telling your own story, allowing you to craft the Ninjago universe to your liking. If these pre-made options are not enough, custom LEGO samurai are available to be tailored to your own specifications. So, if you have ever wanted to own a miniature version of yourself that could pilot a suit of mechanical samurai armor, your search is over: reliable sellers on eBay have the means to make it happen.

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