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About Lego Police

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Chase down and lock up the criminals of the city and stow incriminating items in the evidence room. The Lego police station playset features a three-story office tower with a break room and command center. In another part of the Lego police building are two cells and a secret escape path through a pipe drain. A variety of fascinating accessories including a crowbar, a "wanted" poster, and handcuffs make the entire set more realistic for children ages six through twelve. When children want to act out an exciting scene, they can use the four Lego police minifigures, the two robber minifigures, and the police dog figure to create their own dramatic day in the life of a Lego City officer. You can find the Lego police station playset new or preowned from reliable eBay sellers. Once you receive the playset, relax on the couch or join in the fun as your young ones create a myriad of breathtaking scenarios with their very own police station.