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About Lego Ninjago Snakes

Lowly villains of the "Ninjago" series, LEGO Ninjago snakes always seem to get the short end of the stick, whether they are pounded by ninjas or served as breakfast for the Great Devourer. LEGO Ninjago snake figures are all part of the five different tribes of the Serpentine, a race of snake-like humans that often fight among themselves just as often as they fight their enemies. In fact, the leader of the LEGO Ninjago snakes, Pythor, is the last surviving member of the Anacondrai tribe because he ate the other Anacondrai. It is a slithering, slimy world of backstabbing and devious plots that give hours of fun as kids play with the figures. The LEGO Ninjago snake figures appear on eBay either alone, in sets of several figures, or in sealed packs that contain a random figure. Collectors strive to acquire one of each tribe, as they are easily told apart by color and size, in order to have a complete collection of these Ninjago villains.