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About LEGO Ninjagos

Your little LEGO loving ninja has plenty of time to grow into that set of nunchucks and those super sneaky ninja pajamas. The vast selection of LEGO Ninjago play sets on eBay can keep him busy until that time finally comes. Enter the Temple of Light and seek the Golden Ninja along with Kai, Zane, Jay, and Cole in their fun and family-friendly adventures. LEGO Ninjago minifigures make the perfect gift for any creative kid who loves these colorful martial artists and their epic dragon battles. Choose LEGO Ninjago sets that include the bright red Ninja Fighter that flies fast and fights evil, or the powerful Thunder Raider with over 330 pieces including super-grip tank treads and a double laser cannon. Finish the Raider and create a scary Destructoid with a variety of ninja-style weapons and the fiery flame cannon made from 253 LEGO parts. Plastic LEGO pieces last a lifetime and are simple to clean with just warm water and a cloth. LEGO Ninjago play sets mean plenty of fun with room to grow that imagination.