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About Lego Minifigures Series

From cowboys to leprechauns, nurses and aliens, Lego Minifigures series offer collectors both young and old the chance to create endless combinations of characters. Released in sets of different characters, some are more rare than others. Lego Minifigures series 10 includes two rare characters, Mr. Gold and Medusa. Lego Minifigures series 9 includes more common pieces like the judge, the waiter, and the fortune teller. Some minifigures are made with similar pieces, for example, both the Forestman and the Tribal Hunter from series 1 share the same bow and arrow. Other unique features of Lego Minifigures series include subtle touches like the signature of Lego designers on accessories like traffic tickets. Many minifigure accessories can be used with multiple characters, allowing fans to customize their figures any way they want. Find current and older Lego Minifigures series on eBay through reliable sellers that offer new and used sets. Choose any of the convenient shipping options and add a set of minifigures to your collection.