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About LEGO Minecraft

Explore the possibilities of an infinite play world with LEGO Minecraft. This four part LEGO set is based on the groundbreaking sandbox game Minecraft, invented by Swedish programmer Markus Persson. Microsoft purchased the company that owned the game in November 2014, and plans to continue expanding and improving the popular title. Reliable sellers on eBay offer all four of the LEGO sets, sold together or separately, which include The Forest and the Village. Each set contains more than 400 pieces of assorted terrain and shapes, making it easy to create a LEGO Minecraft custom world. Minecraft fans can even build the Steve and Creeper LEGO Minecraft figures to enhance the play experience. Suggested age is 10 plus years and all LEGO parts are made of sturdy plastic. These LEGO sets are educational as well as fun because they help develop creative and spatial thinking. Available languages are English, French, and Spanish. Make a world that is entirely yours or have hours of fun creating a unique environment with your child. With LEGO Minecraft, the only limits are your imagination.