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About LEGO Millennium Falcon

Han Solo is a notorious smuggler and his ship, the Millennium Falcon, is his key to evading the large bounty placed on his head. The LEGO Millennium Falcon showcases the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy in stunning detail. Help Solo and Luke Skywalker battle the forces of the dark side with the most famous ship in the "Star Wars" trilogy. The LEGO Star Wars 7965 Millennium Falcon on eBay includes everything you need to construct the Falcon and include some of your favorite characters, including Solo, Princess Leia, Skywalker, and Chewbacca. The LEGO 4504 Millennium Falcon set is for ages 9 and up and contains 1,254 interlocking pieces and easy to follow instructions. Your child can race to escape the Death Star and destroy Darth Vader with the LEGO Millennium Falcon ship, which is available in new and used conditions. Durable and easy to store, these LEGO sets can be enjoyable for years to come. Shop for the "Star Wars" fan in your life 24 hours a day and order confidently from trusted sellers.