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About Lego Kingdoms

When you were younger, you relished building Lego Kingdoms with your father, and now that you have a little boy of your own, you would like to start building Legos with him as well. Luckily, your wife found an awesome Lego Kingdoms King?s Castle on eBay last week at a great price. This Lego King's Carriage Ambush set is brand new and in comes its original sealed box, and you can?t believe how lucky she was to find such a rare item. Intrigued by this uncommon find, you decided to check out the site for yourself in hopes of finding some Lego Kingdom mini-figures to use for playing with your son when the castle is built. You are pleased with how many Lego selections eBay?s reliable sellers offer, and you decide to choose a Lego Dragon Mountain lot. All of the mini figures in the lot were created for the Hobbit Castle Knight?s Kingdom, and all of the figures are in great condition and come priced to sell. Ironically, the package arrives the same day that you and your son finish building the castle, so you both rush to open the box in order to let the battles begin.