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About LEGO Indiana Jones

Moving cautiously across the temple floor, Indy glances up at the temple guardians as he approaches the altar. This is just one of the countless scenarios you can recreate with one of the many LEGO Indiana Jones playsets. These sets range from adventure scenes and vehicles to a wide selection of Indiana Jones LEGO figures, including Indy, Marion Ravenwood, the evil Irina Spalko, and other popular characters from the Indiana Jones universe. Some of the more popular vehicle kits include the various LEGO Indiana Jones plane sets so you can take to the skies and battle it out in playful dogfights. Based on his latest adventure, you can play along as Indy attempts to retrieve the infamous crystal skull and save the world. The set includes vehicles, characters, and settings from the movie. To find a wide range of LEGO Indiana Jones items, visit eBay and browse the large selection of new and used LEGO sets.