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About LEGO Hulk

The Incredible Hulk first smashed into the comic world with his 1962 appearance in "The Incredible Hulk Issue One." His amazing transformations between Dr. Bruce Banner and the angry Hulk make him a favorite of many fans — for enthusiasts that collect Hulk products, the LEGO Hulk toy is a great option to help complete any collection. This product is also ideal for kids who enjoy playing with replicas of their favorite characters. Some of the Hulk characters must be built, while others are designed as LEGO Hulk Minifigures that do not require assembly. You may elect to purchase just the Hulk action figure, or you can choose one of the numerous LEGO Hulk sets available on eBay. These fun sets include scenes, structures, and characters from The Incredible Hulk franchise from over the years. The LEGO Hulk is a terrific product to add to your growing assortment of Incredible Hulk or LEGO memorabilia.

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