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About LEGO Hero Factories

Believe it or not, it is possible to build a hero piece-by-piece. With LEGO Hero Factory toys, kids can create their own superheroes to save the day. Build hero robots like Furno with a special jet machine that overpowers attacking beasts. Shooting flames from his guns, he swoops in and neutralizes threats. Building sets come with a mini robot with a weapon, a detachable seat, movable wings, and a fire extinguisher. The completed design stands over 7 inches tall. Naturally, every hero needs a villain to fight, and LEGO Hero Factory Black Phantom is out to defeat the good guys. Standing at over 11 inches tall and equipped with a missile-shooting drone and razor saber, he aims to shut down the factory for good. With building sets for both sides, kids can create their own little armies and stage full-scale battles. Retired heroes and beasts are hard to find and hold high value with fans. Find LEGO Hero Factory characters in the large inventory on eBay. In the epic battle of good versus evil, you get to decide who wins.