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About Lego Duplo

A chunky red car pulls up outside a cute cottage where Sleeping Beauty and Winnie the Pooh are having tea, while a giraffe and a rabbit graze in the front lawn. This is the world of LEGO Duplo, where the only limitations are your child's imagination. Duplo, launched in 1969, is a brand of LEGO designed for children between 1 1/2 and 5 years of age. Each Duplo block is exactly twice the length, height, and width of traditional LEGO bricks, making them easy for little hands to click together. Since the brand first appeared, it has expanded dramatically, and there are plenty of different sets you can buy, all of which are cross compatible. That means you can buy a LEGO Duplo train from a reliable seller on eBay, and your children can incorporate it into their existing farm set; or you can grab a pack of basic bricks to extend their existing zoo. There are also branded Duplo products, so you can buy a Bob the Builder LEGO Duplo set, or a Disney Princess set, and all the pieces fit seamlessly. The choices are endless, and you will love watching your children discover more about the world as they build their own with LEGO Duplo.