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About Lego Dragons

With a roar and gouts of flame, the mighty dragon swoops on the cowering inhabitants of the village. Suddenly, a catapult appears on the horizon. The mighty weapon fires a block at the dragon, smashing it to pieces and ending its reign of terror; the fierce LEGO dragon has been defeated. Of course, tomorrow is another day, and once more, the villagers will cower in fear as a gigantic winged shape darkens the sky. These are the exciting games your children can play with LEGO dragons. Over the years, LEGO has made a wide range of dragons, from small dragons just big enough to ride like a horse, to gigantic monsters such as the LEGO Ninjago dragon. Many LEGO sets are out of production, but they are still available from the reliable sellers on eBay, who have a massive selection of sets and parts. Whether you want that powerful Ninjago Ice Dragon, or just a spare pair of LEGO dragon wings, you are in luck. Shop online today and become a LEGO dragon master.