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About LEGO Death Star

The force is with you and you can use it for good when you help your kids put together a set of LEGO Death Stars. In the "Star Wars" movies, the Death Star is a moon-sized military battle station and super weapon. Visit the large inventory of "Star Wars" toys on eBay to help your little Stormtroopers get ready for hours of fun with LEGO Death Stars. LEGO has come a long way since your childhood and now makes many different building kits for children and adults of all ages. LEGO "Star Wars" Death Star minifigures are little versions of the movie characters and fit inside of the building kits when finished. Find individual figures of Chewbacca, Emperor Palpatine, and Darth Vader, or pick up a set of imperial guards. Be sure to look for bundles of figures, which are sometimes called a lot. If you prefer a completed kit, consider a used LEGO Death Star package instead. You can also buy a used Death Star for extra LEGO pieces or to have as a back-up when the battles get fierce.