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About Lego Base Plates

Even the tallest building cannot stand for long without a strong foundation, whether its made from concrete and steel or plastic bricks. A LEGO base plate provides the foundation that master builders need for their projects and gives designers plenty of working room. These flat plastic pieces come with raised dot grids for easy attachment, and they are available in several sizes depending on the scale of the project. A small base plate is fine for a single house, but a large LEGO base plate can hold a castle, and several base plates attached together with joining blocks gives enough room for an entire town. Check out the many sizes and dimensions available on eBay, as well as the various color options. Green and blue base plates are the most popular colors, but there are dozens of different base plate shades. The LEGO space base plates, for example, often use gray or black for a different color palate. Building on a LEGO base plate also makes the final product easy to carry without fear of the bricks falling apart during transportation, something all LEGO builders dread after they put hours of hard work into a single design.