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About LEGO Alien

We come in peace. Every LEGO alien always says that when it arrives on Earth; but the truth is, most of them are evil invaders, and only a ragtag collection of firemen, policemen, soldiers, and occasionally Batman, can save the world from complete destruction. The aliens from the LEGO Alien Conquest sets are mean, green, and ready for a fight, and they are the perfect gift idea for any child who has an imagination that is out of this world. Whether you are looking for a single LEGO alien minifig, such as the gruesome Clinger or the classic Gray, or a range of large sets containing astronauts, rockets, and space-age weaponry, reliable sellers on eBay have all the LEGO alien sets you could want, in new and used condition, and often at deep discounts. Be the best mother on the mothership, prove you are a real star, and buy extra special extraterrestrials for your kids today.

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