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About Leg Braces

Jumping, bouncing, flipping, and finally falling off the trampoline onto the ground — you certainly were not planning on spraining your ankle and leg when you climbed on that trampoline with the kids, but now here you are, looking for a leg brace. A leg brace is made of plastic and metal, and is used to hold the ankle and foot in the correct position. An AFO leg brace, short for ankle-foot orthosis, helps align the ankle and corrects foot drop. DonJoy leg brace options provide more flexibility, allowing you to enjoy a more active life while healing your injury. The leg braces help absorb shock and shift peaks away from the injured area. The vast inventory found on eBay makes it easy to find a brace that offers comfortable padding, the proper adjustments, and flexibility you need. The options include undersleeves, jointed braces, ankle stabilizers, and support braces. You can find braces that not only heal the injury you are suffering from now, but some that help prevent knee, ankle, back, and neck injury in the future.