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About Lefton China

If your decorating tastes run to the traditional, you likely love surrounding yourself with beautiful pieces of porcelain and china. Lefton China includes some of the most exquisite and graceful china and porcelain figurines you can find. Many hand-painted Lefton china tea pots feature exquisite roses, with either a few blooms in the center or flowers covering the entire piece. The Lefton company began in Chicago in 1940, but after World War II, production moved to Japan, and many vintage Lefton pieces bear the mark "Made in Occupied Japan" near the Lefton stamp on the bottom of the piece. Both new and vintage Lefton China and figurines are highly collectible. The delicate porcelain figurines include charming children, Santas, reindeer, angels, and cuddly animals. Give the graduate a statue of a grad in cap and gown holding a diploma or your daughter or granddaughter a statue of a young girl leaning on a "16" for her sweet 16 birthday. Find all the fine Lefton China and porcelain you need for gifts and decor when you choose from the vast inventory on eBay.